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KSV Looms has been a provider of high quality electronic connectors and wiring supplies to the general public, automotive, motorsport, aviation, fleet, and marine industries for nearly 10 years. From OEM style connectors, hook up wire, shielded cable, to high performance sensors, we pride ourselves in offering quality parts for loom building at a reasonable price. If you're unable to find what you're looking for to repair or build your wiring loom, please email us to see if we can help. Check back often, we are constantly adding new products.

Tefzel Wire, Shielded Cable, and Battery Cable Cut Lengths

Cut lengths are available in /32 and /16 Tefzel wire, M27500 shielded cable, and battery cable. Available in lengths from 1ft to 40ft. A great option if you don't need a minimum spool size or need to cut a few different wires for a loom build. This is only a partial selection, the rest is available on the main menu and also 50+ ft min spools for most items with quantity breaks. If you are looking for a color or AWG size, or different shielded cable that is not listed, please email us and we can quote.

12 Awg Black Tefzel Wire M22759/32-12-0 (Cut Length)
12 Awg Red Tefzel Wire M22759/32-12-2 (Cut Length)
12 Awg White Tefzel Wire M22759/32-12-9 (Cut Length)
14 Awg Black Tefzel Wire M22759/32-14-0 (Cut Length)
14 Awg Red Tefzel Wire M22759/32-14-2 (Cut Length)
14 Awg White Tefzel Wire M22759/32-14-9 (Cut Length)
16 Awg Black Tefzel Wire M22759/32-16-0 (Cut Length)
16 Awg Red Tefzel Wire M22759/32-16-2 (Cut Length)
16 Awg White Tefzel Wire M22759/32-16-9 (Cut Length)
18 Awg Black Tefzel Wire M22759/32-18-0 (Cut Length)
18 Awg Red Tefzel Wire M22759/32-18-2 (Cut Length)
18 Awg White Tefzel Wire M22759/32-18-9 (Cut Length)
20 Awg Black Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-0 (Cut Length)
20 Awg Blue Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-6 (Cut Length)
20 Awg Brown Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-1 (Cut Length)
20 Awg Gray Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-8 (Cut Length)
20 Awg Green Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-5 (Cut Length)
20 Awg Orange Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-3 (Cut Length)
20 Awg Purple Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-7 (Cut Length)
20 Awg Red Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-2 (Cut Length)
20 Awg White Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-9 (Cut Length)
20 Awg Yellow Tefzel Wire M22759/32-20-4 (Cut Length)
22 Awg Black Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-0 (Cut Length)
22 Awg Blue Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-6 (Cut Length)
22 Awg Brown Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-1 (Cut Length)
22 Awg Gray Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-8 (Cut Length)
22 Awg Green Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-5 (Cut Length)
22 Awg Orange Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-3 (Cut Length)
22 Awg Purple Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-7 (Cut Length)
22 Awg Red Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-2 (Cut Length)
22 Awg White Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-9 (Cut Length)
22 Awg Yellow Tefzel Wire M22759/32-22-4 (Cut Length)

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Speedy and efficient business, great products, well packaged; this will be my first stop for my wire harness needs. Thank you!


Knoxville, TN

I have made numerous purchases from this seller. They are my go to source for high quality wiring products.


Jackonsville, FL

Couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect. Absolutely perfect fitment just like OEM, no issues there. Quality is great and package arrived early. 5/5 stars.


Wausau, WI

All 3 of my ignition coil clips snapped doing a valve cover service, these arrived quick and were simple to swap out. Would buy again.


Marietta, GA

Great quality, really fast shipping, awesome seller and excellent service!! Totally recommended!!


Angeles, PR