Help Me Identify My Connector!

If you are unable to find the connector you are looking for and need help identifying it, please send the information below via email to

1)  Several photos of the connector, preferably from all sides.  Please try to make the photo as clear as possible.  We understand these connectors can sometimes be small and in hard to reach places, try your best.  If the connector has already broken, send us pictures of the broken connector.

2)  What is the year, make and model of the vehicle?  For example, 2008 Honda Civic.

3)  What sensor, thing, or node does this connector plug into?  For example, fuel injector, air temp sensor, water/coolant temp sensor, etc.

We have many connectors that are in stock but not listed online yet.  It's possible we already stock the connector you need, or it may be possible we can source for you.