Common Connector Questions

Here are some common connector questions and answers that we get frequently.

What is the number of ways on a connector?

  • This is the number of terminals the connector housing will hold.  If it is a connector with two holes for terminals, this is a 2-way connector.  If it is a connector with four holes for terminals, this is a 4-way connector.

What is the gender of a connector housing or terminal?

  • Connector housings and terminals come in both male and female genders.  Generally speaking, OEM style male connector housings (called plugs) will use male terminals (called pins).  Generally speaking, OEM female connector housings (called receptacles) will use female terminals (called sockets).
  • A plug (male connector housing) will fit INSIDE a receptacle (female connector housing).
  • A pin (male) terminal (male) will fit INSIDE a socket (female) terminal.

What are the pieces that make up a connector?

  • A fully assembled sealed connector typically includes a connector housing, wire seal(s), terminal(s), and a TPA or secondary lock.

What is a connector TPA or secondary lock?

  • A connector TPA or secondary lock is a piece built into the connector housing or additional piece that is assembled with the connector housing that helps for terminal retention.  TPA is an acronym for Terminal Position Assurance. 

The connector you sent me, it looks like the TPA or secondary lock is on the front, and it's sticking out of the connector. Is this right and what do I do?

  • Connector housings with a front TPA or secondary lock, usually from the factory the TPA is sticking out of the connector housing. Once you have inserted your crimped terminals into the housing, you will push the TPA into the connector housing. If the TPA will not go in, this usually means the terminals are not seated inside the connector properly. Occasionally also, during transit the TPA or secondary lock may be pushed in accidently. If that happens gently pull the TPA back out with depinning tool or tiny flathead screwdriver. Keyword here is gently. Even brand new connectors will break if you pry to hard. If you are not sure how to get the TPA pushed back out, please email us and we will help.

Are your connectors good quality?

  • Yes. In almost all circumstances the components we sell for connector housings, wire seals, and terminals are genuine factory pieces, same as what originally came on your vehicle or equipment. The only time we can't offer genuine factory connector parts is when these parts are discontinued, no stock is available USA or international, or it was a connector that was never mass produced by a supplier to OEM.  In situations such as this we make sure to only sell the highest quality aftermarket connector available.

My connector housing is broken, and I need to replace it.  Am I able to reuse my old terminals with a new connector housing from you?

  • In most cases yes.  Almost all of our connector housings are genuine factory pieces, same as what came on your vehicle.  Because of this, your existing terminals should plug into the new, same connector housing from us.  This is a big reason to buy your connectors from someone like us who carries genuine factory pieces.  Many times the replica versions are not compatible with original terminals, or they do not fit properly on the node or sensor.

Are terminals, pins, sockets, and contacts all the same thing?

  • Sorta, but no.  Pins are a male gender terminal.  Sockets are a female gender terminal.  Contact is another word for terminal.

Why do your connector kits come with an extra terminal(s)?

  • In almost all of our connector kits we include at least one extra terminal.  This is so you can test crimp the terminal, or if you happen to damage one of the terminals during assembly you will have an extra.

I think I found my connector by looking at the photos on your store, but the description doesn't seem right.  My connector plugs into a temperature sensor, but your description says crank position sensor for a different vehicle.  Is it possible it's still my correct connector?

  • Yes.  Almost all of our connectors have many different sensor or vehicle applications for the same connector.  It's very possible we just have not identified your application yet.

The pictures of the connectors you have on your website, I see them elsewhere online when I search on Google, can you explain?

  • Yes, we have been selling connectors worldwide for over 10+ years when very few people sold this type of part. Our pictures have been ripped off all over the world on multiple platforms including Alibaba. Even sometimes these other companies claim the photos to be their original pictures, which is false. Many times these other companies use our pictures which are genuine factory components, and sell a cheap connector and it does not look or fit the same. Please be careful where you buy your connectors from, they all are not the same quality or fit the same. In almost all circumstances the node or sensor these connectors plug into on your harness, they are very important to the proper functioning of your vehicle or equipment.  Saving a few dollars on a connector could risk damaging hundreds or even thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Buy your connectors from a trusted reliable source with quality parts.

I can't find my connector on your store.  How can you help me find it?

  • We will try.  Click on the link at the very bottom of any page that says "Help Me Identify My Connector!"