Straight Rubber Boot for DTM 12-Way Connector

KSV Looms

When a Raychem heat shrink boot is either not in the budget or too permanent of a solution, the RBT-DTM12 Flexible Rubber Boot is the ideal alternative. In addition, the RBT-DTM12 Flexible Rubber Boot is the perfect solution when you need more than simple glue-lined heat shrink.

The RBT-DTM12 Flexible Rubber Boot is a high-quality, durable solution designed specifically for the Deutsch DTM series connectors. 

This flexible rubber boot is purpose-built for use with DTM06-XXX connectors, attaching directly to the shrink boot lip on the plug or socket side. It is compatible with connectors that carry the shrink boot modification indicated by the last digits of the part number, such as "E007" and "EE03". While not designed for the standard receptacle side connector (DTM04-XXX), some users have reported that simply pressing the boot onto the back connector works great. Please note that we have not tested this fitment.

This RBT-DTM12 Flexible Rubber Boot is made from top-quality materials and is built to withstand the most challenging conditions. It provides exceptional protection against dirt, dust, and water, ensuring that your connectors remain clean and dry, even in the most demanding environments.

Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the flexible design of the RBT-DTM12. Slip it over the connector. You will feel and hear a click once it locks onto the boot lip.