Raychem MiniSeal High-Performance Splice (D-609-X)

KSV Looms

Raychem MiniSeal High-Performance splices, available in the three sizes we use. Specifications per manufacturer;
  • Description: MiniSeal wire-to-wire splicing products offer solutions for hundreds of aerospace and defense applications. Long term performance, MIL-S-81824/1 qualification. MiniSeal splices are one of the smallest, lightest splices available.
  • Material: Tin-plated copper
  • Typical performance:
  • Voltage drop: 6.9 mV at 4.5 A vs 8.1 mV for an equal length of wire
  • Tensile strength: Exceeds strength of conductor
  • Temperature rating: -55¸C to 150¸C (-67¸F to 302¸F)
Please select splice size when ordering.