KSV Looms Series II, Series III and Deutsch Autosport Drill Jig Set

KSV Looms

The KSV Looms Series II, Series III, and Deutsch Autosport drill jig set is designed to be used bin in conjunction with Blair Rotabroach Holcutter sheet metal cutters. We have used the Blair Rotabroach Holcutters to cut bulkheads holes exclusively for a number of years. They provide a clean accurate cut in steel, aluminum, and composite materials with results superior to traditional hole saws. After cutting a clean hole for the main body of Series II, Series III, or Deutsch Autosport connector, we were still left to drill the small holes for the nut plate hardware on the flanged connector. This process is tedious and made difficult by the tight locations that most bulkheads end up being located in.

Our drill jigs are meant to simplify this process, even if you’re upside down, under a dash, and using a 90 degree drill. Simply cut the main hole for the bulkhead, insert the drill jig, drill the first hole for the hardware, insert the alignment pin and drill the remaining holes for the hardware. The set comes with shell sizes 12 to 24 and can be used on narrow flanged Series II, Series III and Deutsch Autosport connectors.

Drill Jig Set Includes;

Drill Jigs for Series II, Series III  and Deutsch Autosport x 7 (shell sizes 12 through 24)
1/8” Alignment Pin x 1 (used for shell sizes 12 through 22)
9/64” Alignment Pin x 1 (used for Shell Size 24)

**We also offer the drill jig kit complete w/ all required Blair Rotabroach Holcutters, 1/8" drill bit, 9/64" drill bit, and arbor with pilot drill.  If you need these please select appropriate kit when choosing color.

Directions for use;

1) Drill large hole for bulkhead using correct Blair Rotabroach Holcutter sheet metal cutter.

Shell size 12 = 13/16” Holcutter
Shell size 14 = 15/16" Holcutter
Shell size 16 = 1 1/16” Holcutter
Shell size 18 = 1 3/16” Holcutter
Shell size 20 = 1 5/16” Holcutter
Shell size 22 = 1 7/16” Holcutter
Shell size 24 = 1 9/16” Holcutter

2) Insert drill jig into the hole cut in step 1. When the drill jig is inserted into the hole, the KSV logo on the drill jig should be facing you.

3) Use correct drill bit and drill ONE hole using the drill jig. It is VERY important to use the correct size drill bit for these holes.

Shell sizes 12 through 22 = 1/8” drill bit
Shell size 24 = 9/64” drill bit

4) Insert correct alignment pin into the hole drilled in Step 3.

Shell sizes 12 through 22 = 1/8” alignment pin
Shell size 24 = 9/64” alignment pin

5) With the alignment pin still inserted, drill the remaining hole(s).

6) Remove alignment pin and drill jig.