Klixon 5A MIL Circuit Breaker, 2TC2-5

KSV Looms

Klixon 5 amp MIL circuit breaker, 2TC2-5. Specifications per manufacturer;

  • Description: Klixon singlephase TC devices are the smallest, lightest high performance aircraft circuit breakers available today. They represent the state-of-the-art protection of todays aerospace power systems. Their light weight and small size make them especially well suited for aircraft, avionics and electronic systems.

Characteristic ratings;

  • Vibration: 10 G's, minimum 50-500Hz
  • Mechanical shock: 50 G's
  • Acceleration: 10 G's
  • Sand and dust: 12 hours
  • Corrosion: Salt spray, 50 hours
  • Operating altitude: 70,000ft (21,000m)