Honeywell 1TL1-2D SPST Locking Toggle Switch (MS24658-22D)

KSV Looms

Genuine new stock Honeywell Locking Toggle Switch, part # 1TL1-2D (MIL equivalent MS24658-22D). These toggle switches are used in mililtary, aviation, and motorsports applications. Kit includes toggle switch and hardware pictured in original packaging.

Specifications per manufacturer;

  • Description: The robust design of the TL Series toggle is well-suited for many military, aerospace and other demanding applications where reliability is essential. These applications include environments where the panels are subjected to mechanical shock, vibration, and temperature extremes as well as environments with dust, splashing or hose-directed water.
  • Circuitry: SPST
  • Amp rating: 15A
  • Sealing: Qualified to MIL-DTL-3950
  • Operating temperature range: -65¸C to 71¸C (-85¸F to 160¸F)