Raychem SCL Heat Shrink Adhesive Lined Tubing (1' Length)

KSV Looms

Raychem SCL is a semirigid, encapsulant-lined, heat-shrinkable tubing use for a variety of applications when building looms. Specifications per manufacturer;
  • Description: SCL is encapsulant-lined, heatshrinkable tubing that provides moisture resistance, strain relief, and electrical insulation for electrical splices, terminations, breakouts, and mechanical connections.
  • Shrink ratio: 2:1
  • Temperature rating: 135¸C (275¸F)
  • Full recover temperature: 135¸C (275¸F)
  • Continuous operating temperature: 55¸C (-67¸F) to 110¸C (230¸F)

Item is sold in 1' increments.

*Although these are more commonly sold in 4' sticks, this is sold PER FOOT.

Please select diameter size when ordering.