Raychem RT-375 (per foot) Heat Shrink Tubing

KSV Looms

Raychem RT-375 Clear, Flame-Resistant, Flexible, Fluoropolymer Tubing.

Per manufacturer;

  • Applications; Protects wire and cable markers subject to extreme abuse, while permitting full inspectability of each item covered. Provides bundling and jacketing of wires and cables, protecting them from mechanical and chemical abuse. Protects electronic components while permitting their identification and inspection.

Product Facts;

  • 2:1 shrink ratio
  • Exceptional clarity and clarity stability
  • Toughness, chemical resistance, and high-temperature performance
  • High flame-resistance
  • Approximately 40 percent thinner walls than most general purpose polyolefin tubings
  • Recommended maximum temperature for use as a primary insulator: 135°C [275°F]
  • RoHS compliant
  • Installation; Minimum shrink temperature: 125°C [257°F], Minimum full recovery temperature: 150°C [302°F]
  • Operating Temperature Range; -55°C to 150°C [-67°F to 302°F]

Please select size and how many feet (quantity) when ordering.