Custom Motorsports Battery Cable

KSV Looms

Custom motorsports grade battery cables.  Use the configurator to build your own cable.  Choose your battery cable type (positive or negative), cable length in 1ft increments, wire AWG size, eyelet stud sizes, and boot options. Cable is sheathed in Raychem DR-25 for fluid and abrasion resistance.  Eyelet crimps are completed with DMC Tools HD36 hydraulic crimper, using 3.5 tons of die force.   Raychem SCL adhesive lined tubing is used to cover the completed eyelet crimp.

These battery cables are custom built once the order has been placed.  Typically turnaround time before shipment is 2-4 business days.

**Because cables are custom per order, these items are non-returnable once the order has been placed and built.