Deutsch DTM Housings

KSV Looms

If you do not want to purchase DTM connectors in kit form, you can order individual housings here.  Select your housing via drop-down menu and then quantity.  We offer the following DTM housings below.

Next to each Deutsch housing part #, we have listed the number of ways, receptacle or plug, and whether the housing uses pins or sockets for terminals.  

  • DTM04-2P (2-way receptacle w/ pins)
  • DTM06-2S (2-way plug w/ sockets)
  • DTM06-2S-E007 (2-way plug w/ sockets)
  • DTM04-3P (3-way receptacle w/ pins)
  • DTM06-3S-E007 (3-way plug w/ sockets)
  • DTM04-4P (4-way receptacle w/ pins)
  • DTM06-4S-E007 (4-way plug w/ sockets)
  • DTM04-6P (6-way receptacle w/ pins)
  • DTM06-6S-E007 (6-way plug w/ sockets)
  • DTM04-08PA (8-way receptacle w/ pins)
  • DTM06-08SA-E007 (8-way plug w/ sockets)
  • DTM04-12PA (12-way receptacle w/ pins)
  • DTM06-12SA-E007 (12-way plug w/ sockets)

If you need additional individual parts to fit these kits, please see below;

Wedgelocks for Deutsch DTM Housings

Pin or Socket Terminals for Deutsch DTM Housings

Alternatively, if you do not need individual parts and would like to purchase these in kit form, below is link;

Deutsch DTM Connector Kits (housing, wedgelock, and terminals)